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Call for Applications for the first virtual mobility run

Deadline for submitting the application and supporting documents is 10 April 2018.

Notification on the selection results will be sent on 09 May 2018.

Duration of the mobility run: 1 June – 30 June 2018.

Language of the virtual mobility run: English.

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About the virtual mobility run

The Call for applications is aimed at Master students from Partner Countries Universities in Ukraine and Serbia, who take an interest in the international students’ mobility programs. The mobility run is first of all targeted towards the students whose personal situation could prevent them, at this particular moment, from participation in the real mobility programs, but participation is also open for other interested students.

8 students from each Partner Universities in Ukraine and Serbia will be selected (in total, 56 Master level students) for participation in the virtual mobility run.

14 international teams of students from Ukraine and Serbia, from different subject fields (4 people in each team) will be formed. The teams will be working under the supervision of EU-Universities teaching staff (Germany, Italy, Denmark).

How long will the virtual mobility run take? What kind of learning activity will be supported?

The duration of the first virtual mobility run is 30 calendar days. The course website with learning materials will be open for this period after the date of start. You can always access the internet platform in the time, which is convenient for you. There are no requirements regarding the starting date and time for each course unit.

At the beginning of the virtual mobility run, preparation lectures and tasks on the topics of research methodology and internationalisation will be offered to the mobility run participations. Upon completion of the tuning preparation stage, each of the students’ teams will be given the tasks based on the real cases. This will enable the participating students to apply research methodology knowledge learned during the preparation stage for solving practical problems. Additionally the students will experience working in the multicultural teams, together with the peers from other countries, as well as looking at the problem from perspectives of different subject fields the participants can come from.

Upon successful completion of all the tasks of the mobility run participants will be granted the certificates.

What are the courses offered for the virtual mobility run?

Pre-mobility coaching block (four lectures of 45 minutes each):

  • Cultural diversity and integration
  • Intercultural Communication in European Academic Projects: Roles, Responsibilities and Authority
  • Time management
  • How to improve academic English skills and effectively fight cultural barriers in multinational teams.

Research methodology block (five lectures of 90 minutes each):

  • Theories of Science and Research for Engineers and Researchers
  • Ethics in research
  • Case study and survey research methodologies

 Who can apply for the virtual mobility run?

  1. You are enrolled as a student in a full time Master programme at the Partner Universities in Serbia and Ukraine (please find here);
  2. You can demonstrate a satisfactory academic performance;
  3. You have a high language proficiency in English (at least B1 – intermediate level);
  4. You can demonstrate a high level of motivation to be enrolled the virtual mobility run;
  5. At this particular moment, you cannot participate in the real international students’ mobility programs due to certain constraints or other reasons.

Interested student must complete the application form and submit all the requested documents.

The decision to approve or reject the application will be made after due consideration by Partner Universities in Germany, Italy and Denmark (preselection) and by Home institutions in Serbia and Ukraine (final selection).

What documents do I have to submit?

Your complete application should include the following  documents:

  1. Application form (is available to download);
  2. Motivation letter in English (motivation letter should present reasoning to participate in the virtual mobility run, the competencies and skills to be expected achieve, future perspectives and aspirations after mobility run);
  3. Curriculum vitae (CV) in English;
  4. Certificate of the English language level or other appropriate documents (all these documents should be in English);
  5. Certificate of language course/language school, confirmation letter about communication skills in English (e.g. experience in international environment), English language exam during the university studying, Official Language Certificate);
  6. Enrollment certificate of current student status issued by home institution (this document should contain the name of your institution, level of study, field of study, year of study);
  7. Transcript of records;
  8. Confirmations on previous experience in mobility projects (not mandatory);
  9. Disability confirmation (not mandatory);

Should you have further questions, you can contact the International Office of your Home institution.