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Programme Erasmus+
Key Action Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Action Capacity Building in Higher Education
Action Type : Structural Projects
Call for Proposals EAC-A04-2015
Agreement/decision number 20162562
Project title Students’ Mobility Capacity Building in Higher Education in Ukraine and Serbia
Project acronym MILETUS
Language used to complete the form English
  • Capacity Building of ministry responsible for future initiation, implementation and counseling with regard to students’ mobility programs (SMP);
  • Setting up cross-regional MR to foster multilateral exchange that enable PC partners to capitalize on solutions developed and tested in socialistic backgrounds and broaden the horizon towards a world-wide view;
  • Improvement of SMP governance at HEIs, focusing on students with disabilities;
  • Build capacity of ministry responsible for HE for future initiation and implementation of or counseling with regard to students’ mobility programs;
  • Improve students’ mobility initiatives governance at HEIs;
  • Broaden knowledge of teaching staff in peculiarities of students’ mobility runs guidance and learning materials preparation;
  • Enable and facilitate participation of students in mobility programs (especially physically limited and otherwise deprived students);
  • Enhance graduates’ employability chances by helping students develop required skills in mobility runs;
  • Develop mobility opportunities for PhD level students to broaden their collaboration spectrum and improve research quality.
Duration: 3 years (36 months)
Co-ordinator: Prof. Dr. Thorsten Blecker
Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH)
Institute of Business Logistics and General Management (W-2)
Building D
Am Schwarzenberg-Campus 4
D-21073 Hamburg
phone: +49 40 42878-3525

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