External cooperation

In order to implement the main idea of the project in a more comprehensive way, to exchange and share knowledge and relevant experience in the field of mobility, especially virtual one, and thus create more sustainable results of a higher quality, we establish cooperation with other project teams and external experts from the same and related fields with whom we share similar goals and aspirations. The aforementioned also goes in favor of establishing a wider and stronger network of stakeholders, institutions and individuals included in the virtual mobility process, creation of high-quality contents and sharing them among wider public, as well as more efficient creation of the policies aimed at recognition of these programs, hopefully uniform ones, at higher levels.

In addition to sharing expertise and relevant experience, our cooperation is reflected in mutual dissemination of project materials that are very likely to be interesting to all of our target audiences, thus contributing to the enhancement of the overall educational experience.

Find out more about the projects that we established successful cooperation with: