DEV 4.2 Verification and Improvement of Methodological Framework

To improve the methodological framework, the experiences and knowledge gained in the course of the project and feedback from the project participants were taken into consideration.

Based on the feedback from students who participated in the mobility programmes, based on suggestions of their supervisors and all project partners, the MILETUS team created the list of recommendations for improvement of developed methodological framework. The recommendations are divided in the following categories:

(1) Methodological recommendations for guiding virtual students’ mobility runs;

(2) Recommendations for organizing and maintaining the process of internationalization through facilitation of various students’ mobility initiatives:

(3) Recommendations for initiating future programs on a national / regional / international level:

(4) Recommendations for better preparation and adaptation to international students’ mobility runs.

As the outcome of the feedback- 6 recommendations suggested in category (1); 5 recommendations for category (2); 8 recommendations for category (3) and 8 for category 4 were received.