DEV 7.5.3 Third-Year Project Meeting

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The 3rd year project meeting was held during the project meeting in Milan, Italy from 10.10.2018 to 12.10.2018; the event was hosted by POLIMI (the event report can be found here).

The project partners came together to discuss and analyse the achievements of the first and second year of project implementation and compare the agreed schedule with the actual results, upon which the schedule for the following year was based.

The meeting dealt with virtual mobility runs, produced spin-off lectures, first employability-oriented and dissemination measures, the progress of the upgraded IROs at the partner universities. In this meeting the topic of sustainability was taken up and discussed – the first sustainability ideas were elaborated by the consortium. The meeting was held together with the bi-annual Steering Committee meeting (DEV 7.6) and the Coaching seminar before mutual cross-country mobility run (DEV 4.2.1).