DEV 7.5.2 Second-Year Project Meeting

The 2nd year project meeting was held during the project conference in Novi Sad, Serbia from 21.05.2018 to 23.05.2018; the event was hosted by the UNS (the event report can be found here).

The discussion at the 2nd year project meeting mainly concerned the achievements and difficulties of the first year of project implementation and the decision on the to-do list for the second year. The initially schedule was compared with the actual results and on this base the schedule for next year was readjusted. Discussions were also held on the developed lectures, the research methodology syllabus, equipping, staff training and future perspective regarding the mobility runs. This meeting was coincided with the bi-annual Steering Committee meeting (DEV 7.6) and the Conference on the peculiarities of student-supervisor interaction (DEV 4.2.2).