DEV 4.2.2 Round Table on Peculiarities of Student-Supervisor Interaction

To familiarize all parties involved in the first virtual mobility – namely students, teaching and administrative staff, with the concept of virtual mobility and the details thereof, the round table was organized. This event was held at Novi Sad, Serbia from 21 to 23 May 2018. The first day of the event was focused on the teaching staff of the partner universities and dedicated to the virtual mobility in general. The second day of the event was focused primarily on the students. The third day was dedicated mainly to administrative staff. Round table discussion on the needs and expectations from both sides – students and supervisors on the virtual mobility, was organized.

This event successfully organized with the following number of attendees: 25 (19 females and 6 males) – representatives of partner universities and ministries; 10 (6 females and 4 males) – students of partner universities. The event report can be found here.

DEV 4.2.2. Agenda | PDF