DEV Purchasing Internet Space to Provide the Course Material Online

The internet platform was required for the acquisition of the following project needs:

  1. Space for uploading and storing course materials for use by students with restricted access (for the lifetime of the project);
  2. Streaming of training sessions and meetings of teaching and administrative staff to representatives of partners from Partner Countries (to minimize travel costs and increase dissemination and impact of project events).

The internet space was purchased and hosted by UNS who is responsible for the maintenance and technical support of the platform. MNAU’s existing Moodle platform was upgraded for the project objectives and used during the virtual mobility runs. The Moodle platforms were structured for the courses and virtual mobility runs, i.e. the online video courses, topics for students’ projects, forums, questionnaires etc. were created and exploited during the mobility runs.

Both Internet platforms have similar databases in order to achieve data uniformity. The video lecture on the use of the Moodle platform is also prepared by UNS and uploaded on the platform in order to demonstrate the practical use and functions of the Moodle platform.