DEV 3.3.2 Performing the First Virtual Mobility Run

The first mobility run took place over a period of 2 months, from 1 June to 31 July, 2018. The mobility programme combined learning activity and project work. The students experienced working in multicultural teams, together with peers from other countries, and looking at the research problem from the perspectives of different subject fields (e.g. marketing, engineering, IT, etc.)  from which the participants came. Using the different communication tools (video and Skype conferences, e-mail and Moodle platform forums), the students prepared their project work under the supervision of the professors and submitted their projects to the supervisors at the end of the mobility run.

The Virtual Mobility Coordinator served as a contact point between individual students, students’ teams and supervisors to ensure a continuous communication process among the participants and to provide the necessary information support for each phase of the virtual mobility run. In the first virtual mobility run, the role of the Virtual Mobility Coordinator was fulfilled by the representative of the Programme Countries universities (TUHH); in the second virtual mobility run, these functions were undertaken by the representative of the Partner Countries universities (NaUKMA).