DEV 1.5 Overall Assessment Report

The MILETUS project’s first work package as the preparatory one has encompassed several deliverables targeting general students’ mobility and internationalization capacity building. The activities have started with exploring a definition of mobility and its role in educational process, existing regulatory bases and identified practices in Serbia and Ukraine, followed by collection and analysis of good/best practices in the field of students’ mobility beyond the project partner’s experience in the Programme Countries. The current status in Ukraine and Serbia has been analyzed to precisely specify deficiencies and potentials previously identified in the project proposal. Previous students’ experiences have been expected to serve as starting point for improvement, so students, including those with some kind of impairment precluding them from the opportunity to embark on a real students’ mobility experience, have been asked to elaborate on their needs, wishes, and requirements for virtual mobility runs. Since the project also focuses on improvement of graduates’ employability chances, international companies’ representatives have been asked to detail competences the potential employees are expected to have for working in geographically dispersed groups. The need for additional knowledge on internationalization, mobility, international project management, intercultural competence and cultural diversity, that might be transmitted via literature, has been assessed, and the list of printed and digital titles on the relevant topics has been compiled. In addition, the EU partners have assessed the existing research methodology courses at HEIs in PCs in order to identify gaps that has to be bridged in development of the online course planned in the next work package. Last, but not the least, the analysis of EU, Serbian, and Ukrainian students’ and universities’ experiences, as well as the needs of students and their future employees, have been synthesized in the assessment report available to all participants.