DEV Literature Selection and Purchase

After completing the market monitoring procedure, the purchasing procedure have been started with the support of the project coordinator library. The license agreements were drafted and signed between Springer Nature Customer Service Center GmbH and 5 partner universities (4 partner HEIs in Ukraine and 1 partner HEI in Serbia); 2 partner HEIs in Serbia, who have digital access to research and education literature via the library support system COBSON, have renounced the purchase of the eBooks in order avoid unnecessary costs.

In order to optimize the payment procedure and to minimize the transaction cost incurred by the partner universities (e.g. bank charges, currency difference), the project coordinator has taken care of the direct payment of the licence costs on behalf of the partner HEIs; the place of using of the eBooks licenses is the territory of Ukraine and Serbia.

After providing and validating full functional access to digital literature, the webinar on “How to use the Springer Nature resources” was conducted by the Springer Nature representatives for the partner university libraries with a detailed description of the functions and options of the Springer Nature library portal. Additionally, the continuous customer support is ensured by the Eastern European country representative of Springer Nature Customer Service Center GmbH.