DEV 3.1.4 Informing Selected Students About Learning Materials

All selected students, both for the virtual and blended mobility runs were informed about the detailed format of each mobility run and accessible learning materials on research methodology, research management, cultural diversity etc. at the very beginning of the mobility run by e-mail (Welcome letter of the project coordinator) and using the Moodle platform. In addition, the personal data required to access the Moodle platform (Moodle accounts) was provided to each participant with the short PDF-format guide on how to access and use the Moodle platform, whereby all participants were automatically enrolled for the learning material on the Moodle platform.

The online course on research methodology and the course on internationalisation served as a preparatory phase for the student’s joint projects; the topics for the students’ joint projects were also made accessible to give students the opportunity to select the more exciting research topic and to form the student’s groups.