DEV 2.6 Development and Production of Spin-off Lectures on the Basis of Research Methodology Course

Based on the research methodology course developed under DEV 2.5.1, teachers from Partner Countries universities produced their own video courses on research methodology focusing on the specific discipline or field of knowledge in order to provide students with more specific methodological insights in forthcoming mobility runs. As the aim of this course was also to prepare the students for the preparation of their joint projects, some units of the course included aspects of the research project management. The spin-off lectures produced formed the necessary foundation for the second virtual mobility run (DEV 3.4.2).

The spin-off lectures produced to expand the online research methodology course included the following individual lectures:

  1. Data gathering and analysis of the information: Data gathering;
  2. Data gathering and analysis of the information: Analysis of the information;
  3. Research project planning steps: Theory and practice;
  4. Fundamentals of scientific writing;
  5. Formulating research topic and writing literature review;
  6. Competitive project proposal writing;
  7. Research Entrepreneurship;
  8. Methodology of personal data protection.