DEV 1.1.1 Definition of Mobility and its Role in Educational Process

EU partners of the MILETUS project (TUHH, AAU and POLIMI) have been surveyed in order to determine which definition of mobility is most acceptable to them and what they consider to be the role of mobility in the educational process. The survey has shown that most acceptable definition was the one identifying academic mobility as a limited period of study, teaching, training and/or research in a country other than a student’s or academic staff member’s country of residence. Academic mobility also implies virtual mobility. The students would like to get various experiences and generally do not go on mobility solely for the purpose of collecting credits, but still they are motivated mainly by academic benefits. Ministries of Serbia and Ukraine provided their contributions by specifying the existing framework and practices related to effective institutional governance of mobility programs in their countries. The recent efforts on enhancing the internationalisation, ensuring the transfer of credits and improving the framework for mobility realisation, which also includes the possibility of capacity building for virtual mobility, were reported as well.