DEV 4.2.3 Conference on Cooperation Among HEIs and Ministries in the Field of Mobility

To discuss possible cooperation formats between HEIs in the field of mobility and the role of the ministries responsible for HE in this process as well as necessity for concluding agreements on the level of rectorate, extra necessary workloads, types of mobility and their scope, the conference was held in Aalborg, Denmark from 13 to 14 February 2019. Possibilities of expansion of national and international mobility programs and knowledge transfer in the field of mobility by participating HEIs and ministries were also discussed. The presentation on the national framework for mobility programmes in Ukraine and Serbia was given by the representative of UNI. The subsequent round table discussion with the Ministries was moderated by the representatives of the NaUKMA and UNS on the basis of the questions previously prepared by the project partners. The event report can be found here.

DEV 4.2.3 Agenda | PDF

Conference on cooperation among HEIs and ministries in the field of mobility (Presentation) | PDF