DEV 1.4.1 Assessment of the Need for Literature

The need for additional knowledge on MILETUS project related topics, such as internationalization, students’ mobility, international project management, intercultural competence, cultural diversity, foreign language learning, research methodology, etc., has been assessed. A possibility to acquire the required knowledge via literature has been considered, and partner institutions from Ukraine and Serbia provided the lists of their preferred digital and printed titles in English on relevant topics. TUHH as project coordinator has aggregated the input from the partners to avoid multiple repetition of the same titles, and has also updated the list with a number of additional titles. The amended list contains 148 titles in total, including 17 titles on Internationalization, 30 titles on Student and Academic Mobility, 16 titles on International Project Management, 29 titles on Intercultural Communication, Competence and Fighting Cultural Barriers, 26 titles on Cultural Diversity, 15 titles on Academic Foreign Language Learning and General Language Learning, and 15 titles on Research Methodology. The final list may depend on the technical state of the partner HEIs’ libraries, including the hardware and software available for handling and reading various forms of digital publications, as well as the availability of equipment and library services for the people with special needs. The information on the state of the libraries was collected on the basis of a questionnaire provided by TUHH to the Partner Country universities. Information collected under this deliverable will be used for preparation of the final specification and for the procurement of books in the project framework. Indicators such as internet accessibility, accessibility of the library electronic resources, computer equipment in the libraries, should be taken into consideration. Further investigations in the field of ICT in the academic libraries, especially in Ukraine, are recommended. The procurement of the literature is to be realized within DEV 2.4.1.