DEV 5.7 Assessment of Developed Methodological Recommendations

The assessment of developed methodological recommendations will both supplement and conclude DEV 4.3.

The developed and codified recommendations have been first assessed by all partners except for TUHH, NaUKMA, and UNS that have synthesized input and observations throughout the project to produce methodological recommendations. This assessment has been done through a questionnaire provided to all partners participating to the meeting in Aalborg. The questionnaire was organized in this way:

  • Each relevant section of the methodological recommendations has been isolated.
  • The questions are, for each methodological recommendation, the followings:
  • Is the recommendation feasible in the short/medium term? Y/N
  • Is the recommendation useful for Higher Education Institutions to increase virtual mobility of the students? Y/N
  • Would you suggest a change in the formulation of the recommendation? Y/N
  • If yes, how?

Then, after incorporating feedback from assessment results, partners responsible for work on DEV 4.3 (TUHH, NaUKMA, and UNS) will provide the final version of developed methodological recommendations to POLIMI for elaboration of final assessment report.