DEV Arrangement of Tender for Internet Space for Course Materials

The aim of this part was to define the requirements for the potential solution for the Internet platform for course materials. The platform requirements were set in accordance to the following criteria:

Functional requirements:

  1. Creation of courses (slide-based, audio and video courses);
  2. Content management (storage, access and use of learning resources)
  3. Curriculum of courses (lessons mapping and planning);
  4. Management of accounts users;
  5. Show enrolled users;
  6. Management of access rights (administrator, teacher, instructor/tutor, student);
  7. Management of user profile;
  8. Communication between users (forum, chat, e-mailing and private message, announcement);
  9. Assessment quizzes (questionnaire, normally scored automatically);
  10. Formal assessment functions (examinations, multiple choices, essay or project presentation submission);
  11. Certificate for students (is desired);
  12. Tracking of progress and achievement (statistics for administration of courses and quality control);
  13. Real time communication (audio and live video conferencing);
  14. Necessary support functions (research, selection, printing, etc.);
  15. Multilingual platform (is desired);
  16. Accessibility or compatibility with Assistive Technologies for people with disabilities

In order to guarantee the free usage of the internet platform after the end of the project, the free open source learning management system Moodle with the General Public License was chosen for the MILETUS project. The integration of two Moodle platforms (one for Serbia and one for Ukraine) will ensure access for Ukrainian and Serbian partner universities after the project lifetime. Under the supervision of TUHH all necessary formalities for the preparation of the tender for purchasing were done.