DEV 6.6 Agreements with Rectorates

The possibility of preparing the Master thesis in English, is an important prerequisite for extending the virtual mobility runs to the Master thesis. Following the project objectives, agreements with the rectorates of the partner HEIs should be considered to enable students to elaborate their Master thesis in languages other than the national language. At the same time, the institutional autonomy of the partner HEIs in Ukraine and Serbia makes such a decision possible at institutional level.

Based on the results of the DEV 2.3 survey and the additional survey carries out by the WP-leader, the rectorates of all participating HEIs in Ukraine and Serbia confirmed the possibility and ability of all HEIs to write and defend students’ theses in other than the local languages (e.g. English, German, French etc). For three Serbian partner HEIs, which have the largest proportion of international students, the English language is already included in the rules for the defence of Master thesis defence and documented at ministerial and institutional level.

For Ukrainian partner HEIs this decision is regulated in the internal documents. Three partner HEIs from Ukraine have already documented this possibility in their internal regulations; only one partner HEI (private university) permits its students individually upon request of the student at the examination commission, responsible for defending the thesis. Meanwhile, considering that English is a language of international communication and research, one of the Ukrainian partner HEIs (NaUKMA) has completed the new Language Policy that allows the teaching and learning in English at this university.