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At the beginning of the virtual mobility run, research methodology video course and course of internationalization will be offered to the virtual mobility run participations. At the end of the research methodology course, a multiple-choice test will be held.

In order to start with the students’ joint projects, the topics will be offered by supervisors of Partner Universities. Students can choose from a wide range of topics related to research methodology course.

After been assigned to the groups, participants are encouraged to initiate a project in a group, to organize internal communication, to distribute roles and responsibilities for all group members, to define the project objectives and methods and finally to prepare and submit the project paper.

This will enable the participating students to apply research methodology knowledge learned during the preparation stage for solving practical problems. Additionally, the students will experience working in the multicultural teams, together with the peers from other countries, as well as looking at the problem from perspectives of different subject fields the participants can come from.

Upon successful completion of all the tasks of the mobility run (video courses, multiple-choice test and joint project) participants will be granted the certificates.

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